CAE x Tasker

iconic. avant-garde. luminary.


I am deeply passionate about producing experiences. Provoking thought, sparking cultural evolution in art, photography, film, or any other creative medium.

In facilitating change by demonstrating clever, often ironic juxtaposition of macro/micro cosmic intangibles. Illustrating a characterization of the temperate cultural zeitgeist of which we all unwittingly center our lives of. And thusly, I seek connective, rich complexity and depth in constructive project work.

I believe in unapologetic consciousness and accountability through presence. We all have the opportunity and the responsibility to better our world with our energy and engagements with unyielding futurist ambition.

I believe in the connectivity and intellectual intimacy of creating value with a team, leading by example, adhering to best practices. 

I am interested in collaborations that effect successful mutuality via art and culture

Love & Light

as a style maximalist

Visual and fine art polymath, Christine has been active in the fashion and fine arts industry for over 20 years. Imparting her passion for connective, rich complexity and non-conformist cardinal drama in life and art, through creative direction, fashion styling, performance and visual mediums alike. In everything from art direction to brand and production management, company leadership, graphics and media marketing, styling & visual merchandising. Exploring the relationship between artistic expression and the essentials of human character and nature. 

an archetype creative polymath

As a practiced development consultant and brand strategist, Christine specializes in social media engagement and broad spectrum life styling. Dynamic identity design of functional aesthetics from corporate to private enterprise. Christine imparts highly detailed attention to personify character, forged into distinctive marketable appeal, capitalizing on the nuance of the human experience that supports productive, connective psychology.